Aroma Accupoint Therapy

What is Aroma Accupoint Therapy?

• An innovative, gentle hands-on method of treatment that allies the potency of essential oils with acupuncture,  and bodywork. 

• The oils are selected specifically to help with symptoms you are experiencing and used on specific acupuncture points.

• The essential oils help treat common conditions such as muscle tension and pain, anxiety, overactive mind, depression, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, to name a few.  

The essential oils compliment the work of acupuncture and bodywork .  Often people experience conditions which involve mental and emotional issues, and many of them present chronic disorders that usually respond better to gentle treatment. Genuine essential oils when used with specific body points can bring a powerful new dimension to your wellness experience. Holding certain oils on specific matching points will modulate neuroendocrine functions by activating peptides, thereby triggering profound energetic changes in the individual. They can create truly amazing and lasting shifts in the treatment outcome. Patients often experience valuable relief of physical, emotional or mental symptoms.  

Aroma Acupoint Therapy proves invaluable for patients presenting mental and emotional blocks; for treating infants, children and the elderly, as well as for those afraid of needles. It also excels at treating patients with chronic conditions who are too weak or sensitive to tolerate acupuncture. It also combines easily, of course, with acupuncture itself. 


Mikahla blends Aroma Acupoint Therapy with her acupuncture treatments to provide powerful tools to reach your wellness goals.